GESTCOM are specialised in the administration, fans and rent of everything type of rural and urban properties.
To our company can inform envelope:
  • Rent of flats/marry with and without pieces of furniture.
  • Rent of commercial venues.
  • Rent of squares of parking and storages.
  • Fan of flats and houses.
  • Fan of commercial venues.
  • Fan of squares of parking and storages.
  • Whether they are proprietary like futures tenants or buyers, can inform to our office on our services, without any commitment.
To the owners offer them a study of the zone with : prices of market of immovable of up to date similar characteristics, price of the m2 real, a selection of possible tenants/suitable buyers to the characteristics that require the owner, etc.
To the possible tenants or buyers offer them: query to our database in order to be able to offer them the immovable that  to his needs.
Apart, to GESTCOM offer:
  • Selection of the tenants/buyer.
  • Management of the rent or follow-up of the collection.
  • Control and follow-up of unpaid.
  • Payment and management of expenses.
  • Register and presentation of agreements for hire.
  • Supervision of the state of the immovable.
  • Management of incidences.
  • Management of supply (light, water, gas)
  • Management and obtaining of the cèdula of habitabilitat.
  • Management and obtaining of energetic certificate.
  • Estimation and/or valuation of the immovable.
  • Advertising and diffusion of the immovable by means of the publication to several real state portals.
Besides, to GESTCOM are specialists with the administration of communities of neighbouring. In this area offer to our customers the following services:
  • Constitution of communities of neighbouring, preparation of statutes, register of books of acts and application of NIF.
  • Administration of the community of proprietary.
  • Writing of acts.
  • Management of the community of Together of proprietary.
  • Preparation of budgets of annual expenses and study of possible saving for the community.
  • Management of collection.
  • Own administrative negotiations of the maintenance and conservation of the building.